Hey, there!

I am Rupa Vidwaja. Well, my parents and the world calls me that way. But I am still in the process of unfolding the question of “WHO AM I?”. 

 This blog is the voice of my sight on the world, my perspective, and the way how I look things at. 

A heart can love and hate. And words can change hearts. Here I write to spread love and thought,as my contribution to make this world awesome.



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  1. Hi Rupa!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following me. I am excited to follow you and read more as you go on your journey of discovering who you are! Have a Happy New Year!!!
    ❤ Alana


    1. hey…thanks a lot for your comment.glad to meet you.please visit and my blog and make time to read my post daily.we can share thoughts and learn together.you can contact me at rupavidwaja@gmail.com

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      1. That sounds like a great plan! I will definitely read your posts. My email address is alanagabo@gmail.com. Take care and we will talk soon!
        ❤ Alana


    2. hoping to stay in touch and share the thoughts..

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  2. Dear Rupa, I’m Dr. Dinakar. Ask your mother or father about me. I belong to Hanamkonda. your poetry is loaded with deeper thoughts. I liked most of them. need little bit of editing. don’t go for lengthy sentences and don’t repeat the words and phrases often.

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    1. Sure, thank you for the feed back. I would definitely take this as a learning, and would try to do better.


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