Autumn leaves

Every blessed morning ray of light touching my soul.

Flowers wet with dew drops showering from heavens in roll.

Wavy breeze spreading aura of bliss all around

Violins  playing in the background.

Bells ringing in my heart.

Everything blurred behind.

whoa!..oh…hold on..hold on!

Nothing of such kind happened, When I first saw her,

Nothing of such kind happened,When I first loved her.

If love comes with magic,

I would say! Silence is that magic.


Silence, was my only expression when I saw her.

Probably because the words I knew, couldn’t describe the tone of complete me.

Silence spread in me.

Everything went mute.

So silent that I could hear my heart beat.

So silent like  a baby inside the womb gathering all the love.

Silence is what I felt ! when I saw her.

Silence traveled through my veins like smoke that defuses in the wind.

I was silent like the sweat before the victory.

I was silent like an untold story.

I was silent like a fading cloud,

I was silent like a falling autumn leaf.

So silent like I am left with no words to speak

The beauty of silence is what I felt when I first saw her.

On a busy afternoon,

I saw her humming tune to her puppy,

and piling up all the shaded leaves under a tree.

Pale completion, cheeks gone down,

her bones visible under her skin

thin legs and  cracked feet,

dry hair,

and not very fair,

she barely had any mass in her body.

But it is for the glitter in  the eyes, the spark in her looks,

my life  ripped to her.

With no second thought I went to her,

My voice quivered!

Allow me to live the rest of my life with you,

Can you invite me into you?” I asked.

Laughing out loud !

“live with me for the entire life?”

she exclaimed!

” but Why?” she questioned.

Silence ! was my only answer

“Ok let me tell you,

I am near to death,

I have Leukemia ” she smiled wide.

It dint bother me,

I went on my knees

“lets fight it together” I said

With a little bark the puppy licked my feet.

smiling at it,

“We fit in a perfect bubble” she said, and smiled.

And from then on, my life resumes.

Living life at its best is the only art she masters.

My life turned beyond beautiful with her laughters.

She is my magician.

She makes magic with her eyes.

Her never fading smile makes the world fall apart.

In spite of her life, which is damage beyond repair, she smiles.

“Why dont we see a doctor?” I ask her all the time.

She laughs out saying,

“I am the strongest, because I am capable to love.”

“I am strongest because, I can smile no matter what.”

“And love heals everything.”

“There is a shadow because there is a light.”

“I have pain because I have you to heal it.”

Her words goes on and on.

I just sit listening to them.

Cuddled in my strong arms and leaning on my chest,

she speaks all the philosophy in the world.

I just listen to her in awe.

Hours together sitting on the bench under a huge tree,

we just see the leaves falling down.

Looking down and piling the leaves with her shoes,

“I love the beauty of death “,she says.

“Just like these shaded leaves make the ground decked with their dried beauty.” she gasps heavily.

“I will give you a surprise when I die.”

Chuckling softly, she says.

I wished I never get the surprise.

Locking her hands in mine,

leaning to my shoulder and brushing the hair of the puppy,

we read the beauty of life together in silence.

She is my rain when my life dries up.

She is a poem on my empty page.

She is the forest fire with infinite energy that spreads love.

She is a fire fly that bought hope to my life.

I am her best student,

and  her best teacher.

She never lived like she is dying.

she just lives like she is living.

It is just few months  before,

we came together.

but we weaved a bond of life.

Everything was as perfect as it should be,

until one day,

“Do you have any questions to ask me?”

she came up suddenly, and asked .

I was stuck.

“ questions!!

Fine ok …no questions” she says to the puppy.

“Hey stop!” running to her,

I caught her lean hand,

“Why did you right away accept me to your life?” I asked.

Laughing out loud she holds me tighter and rests on my shoulder.

No wonder! I expected this .

It takes me a lifetime to understand her.

“Discovering every shade of her is like a new monsoon that added its own fragrance.”      ,I thought.

While she still rested on my shoulder.

Her eyes slowly closed,

Her hand slowly looses the grip,

I could feel something wrong,

I woke her up,

She was still resting on my shoulder,

I called her,

There was no answer,

The doggy started barking,

My heart skipped a beat,

My hands started to shiver,

My voice went dry,

I could feel the world empty,

I ran to the hospital,

thoughts running in my mind,

I wished all of them to be false.

I just want her to live for few more  days atleast.

She holds me tight.

“I saw you  three years back

and I loved you that moment.”, she says in her lowest tone.

I couldn’t speak a word.

“And love is all about loving, thats all, and nothing else

and so I dint come in search of you.

But gravity drags everything to it.”

she smiles.

“So I have you, in my life, in my last days” she says.

“So this is your surprise?” I exclaimed..

Kissing my hand,

she says “Love is all about not missing at all

and those were her last words.

she celebrated both life and death.

and now she rests,

rests in her palace built in my heart.

Tears rolled in my eyes with a deep smile spread on my face.

This is what death looks like,

so beautiful,

Some people add bliss and grace in our lives even when they die,

they shade to spread beauty like the Autumn leaves.


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  1. Ravikanth says:

    Awesome Rupa… I have No words to say.. Greatful meaning is there in each and every word.. Sentences.. Really I have no words to say.. Now I understood the beauty of life in silence words..


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