Dear me…

The background turned grey

My eyes shut.

Time stopped,

travelled 15 years back

and with a jerk

I stopped.

In front of me I see


Fair complexion,

Cute smile ,

And a heart of love,

Fully in life.


“I know you” I said.

“I am you, 15 years back

When I was 5 !” I exclaimed

Sarcastic smile,

And soft tone,

She says “I never knew

That my future would be you”

I chocked!!

“I am sorry” I said.

“I could have been better.

From the day of my teens

I forgot you existed.

I should have loved like you

I should have given more

goodnight kisses

to mom and dad.

I should have spent

more time with my dog.

I should have yelled in joy

every time I saw a butterfly.

I should have apologized more

And laughed more.

Just like you did.


You have no idea ,

of what happens

in this world of drama

Everyone act

So did I.

But not anymore

Give me a chance,

to live like you once more.

My eyes blurred with tears.

A drop fell on the paper.

Time resumed.

Yours lovingly






The dear ME


writing the address I posted it to my heart.


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