inout magic

if we can wake up to see every sun rise that spreads the rays of gold around the globe,

if we can drink the first drop of rain and hope that our wish goes to the Gods,

if we can sing with the melody of birds and dance with bliss of butterflies,

if we can fill the ultimate vastness of sky in our eyes and heart

if we can talk to every tree and feel the morning dew drop fading away from the world,

if we can kiss the mud of moist and pay a life time gratitude for baring us

if we can stare at the lonely cloud, to promise a word of friendship  before it vanishes,

if we can gaze at every star and go to sleep and wakeup to do the same thing every day…

will there be a place for HATE in our world??


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  1. divya says:

    i really wish,.this happens…and thanks for giving the perspective

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  2. we all can make it happen…it just takes some amount of love…and nothing else


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