Morning letter

My Dear…

What are you waiting for?

Another day rose up, and now it’s time for you to show your spark.

Here is an another chance to weigh the success rate by the grades in the sheet and kick the innovative and the creative thought of the student to the trash.

Here is an another day to show your strength for making everyone else recite the quote of life “ranks make you successful”.

Here is another sunrise to make everyone more ignorant in differentiating the difference between training and learning.

Here is an another welcoming start to fuel up all the  young minds, instructing them with commands which say  “life is a race and, you have to win the race at any cost by anyway”

Here is an another day to shun all the craziness of a child by pointing out him as the shame to the family.

Another fresh morning welcomes you to tune every parent’s mind to make their kids follow you who are so-called practical.

Here is another chance to cheer up the attitude of teaching as a factory of generating heaps of money.

Here is another day to shoot the risk takers and great dreamers with the fire of criticism and guaranteed failure.

Here is an another day to yell, that “making mistakes is a sin and if you want to learn  from them I will prison you for every mistake.”

Here is an another day to make every youth, answer their identity by the profession they take.

Here is an another chance to shun the common sense and sharpen the imitating and copying behavior of the people.

You got an another chance to prove all the people who have millions of paper notes in their bank accounts great irrespective of the path they choose to earn that.

Dear society! cheers for this day ….go ahead, you have no boundaries, no limits the most powerful thing in this world is in your hands…and that is the human brain…so go ahead play with it

here is another day and now the play begins….play hard …cheers …cheers to you for this day…

yours ever loving,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. M Kavitha says:

    beautiful truth..well explained

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks a lot..
      we all have to do something about it…and change starts from us


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