Even though



Hi…How was your day?

Did you get prioritized?

Or is that the same humiliation you faced even today?

I know no one gives a damn about you.

Remember the day when you were not even thought about,

And you never stopped giving them what you have.

And in the meanwhile, I was in their thoughts every minute

You always try to remind them what you give.

But you will never be bothered.

I will be honored by giving the first place in their minds

And it is me who gets the priority…

They always curse you for not having you.

Not knowing that they are already with you.

I always feel sorry for you because you work hard to stay with them.

But they hardly recognize you


But for me…people are always with me in their mind.

Even though I am not with them most of the times,

they talk about me all the time

I just come sometimes literally

But, for them in their minds, I am always there with them

But only one thing bothers me…

They talk about me all the time, but don’t love me

But for you, they don’t realize that they have you, but when they do

they spread your glory all around…

I think it’s because of the fact that I am grief and you are blessing…

And sometimes…even I change into your form in their life…

That is even grief becomes blessing…


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