Fighting against all the odds, we finally come on to this earth.
But, surprisingly the actual fight starts after the birth.
Deep breath, fists tight, focused sight, warming up for the fight, we start our life.
As a kid, we fight with the world outside us to blend into its color,
and with our own body to gain all the working power.
We fight with the inner systems of the body to get adapted to the world.
And then,
One fine day when the tiny neurons start joining in our brain,
that becomes the first conscious memory and IQ gaining stain.
And now it begins, the maze of life.
Muscles strong with the will of steel, the fight begins for power, position, pride.
Slowing learning from the world that some strange thing called
“ Money” is the most valuable, we warm up to fight for that,
not realizing the fact that at the end of the day we fight with our mind and heart,
We fight for love.
We fight with our fears, desires, relations, diseases, and what not.
And most of us don’t even know what are we fighting for.
And many of us just copy the fight, we aim the target just because our neighbors or the surroundings have aimed for it.
And with no gratitude and reverence, we end this life as an elegy.
And on the other side,
Eyes down to earth, staring at its vastness, and surprised to stay starved for days, people fight for a meal to satisfy their hunger, so do farmers for their crop.
Amidst the world of unquestionable stupidity, where gender acceptance goes to scarce in the minds, people fight for a third gender so that they can fit in this society.
Day and night, all the seasons keeping the country’s life as their first priority, soldier’s families fight for the untold stories of the courageous hearts.
For the cruelty of men, in the name of love,
Burns on their faces for acid attacks,
Marks on their character for getting raped,
Scars on their bodies for dowry,
Woman fight for justice.
And some, don’t even get a chance to participate in the fight, as they get killed before birth.
and this fight …
We fight in the world, where films take the place of making an impact rather than inventions, poetry, and art, and the film stars are admired as their life heroes, rather than scientists and soldiers.

We fight …we fight in this world…
Where, in the name of super power, who is called as the God, all the so called humans fight for religion, creed, and caste.
We fight in the world where politics and money are the greatest powers.

Regardless of how much ever we fight in this fighting ring of life and for whatever reason we fight,
One day, no matter what, we have to step out of the ring.
But, when we are in the ring, what do we fight for?
Do we fight for cheers, do we fight for justice, do we fight for money, do we fight to make violence, or do we fight for peace?
What do we fight for and why do we fight? Did we really think of it?
But, all things aside I would say,
Everyone who fights is not a warrior.


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  1. premKumar says:

    Inspiring,emotional,and realistic.


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