because sometimes its the only thing left to do.

Smile, because you are never complete without that.

Smile because, you are just a speck of particle when compared to the entire universe, but still you know that you can make a huge difference.

Smile because you are an ocean of love and you can blend every rain drop into you.

Smile because you smile like a flower, that is ready to blossom with a color that kills hate.

Smile because when you smile, the galaxies fall apart for your beauty.

Smile because you can stand up no matter how many times you are broken.

Smile because when your smile travels to your eyes they make poetry and art.

Smile because you can take a joke on you and you don’t care if people back talk about you.

Smile because neither the society nor the science can answer all your questions.

Smile because even in this world of mess you raise your voice for what you feel is bad.

Smile because you are different and because you think it is ok if some people don’t like you.

Smile because you dream so crazy to have all the happiness in the world.

Smile because you are fearless to tell out your failures and don’t really care about the people who judge you on that.

Smile because, you don’t feel bad for not having expensive jewelry and cosmetics, because you know that they don’t define your beauty

Smile because you want to travel the world alone not to know the people in the world but to know yourself.

Smile because you are one of those who knows that money cannot buy relations and the most precious things in the world.

Smile because you can accept everything.

Smile because you don’t just dream a fairy tale, but you are also ready for a fight with the life.

Smile because you are not two faced and you are the same where ever you go.

Smile because even though you feel the world stupid sometimes, most of the time you are amazed by the magic that’s going on deep inside everyone.

Smile because sometimes you are mad and you have people who enjoy and accept your madness.

Smile because you shade tears for simple things.

Smile to tell the world you don’t just breathe but you are alive every moment.

Smile because no matter what, you will never stop getting better.

Smile because you can spell magic with your words.

Smile because you are a girl and you really need no reason to smile.


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