First …


If I would have to start anything new, I would start it with you.

And I always did it.

When I opened my eyes, I first saw you.

When I first spoke a word I spelled you.

And in that fall of dew, I first started walking with you.

And finally, when I was ready to open my wings out,

to dream of something impossible, I first heard you,

telling me, YES!, you can do it.

But people say,

First time comes only once

But for me,

For everything I do,

For every line, I write

For every dream I see,

For every color I splash on that piece of paper,

It is you who comes into my heart for the first.

But let me tell you,

I haven’t learned enough words yet, to tell myself, how much you rejoiced seeing me grow up,

I haven’t written enough lines yet, to know your grief when my life was not ok.

I haven’t built enough understanding yet, to keep up your trust.

I haven’t grown enough yet to love you the way you love me.


Let me tell you,

Every time I try to do something new, it is you who comes into my heart for the first.

I see you in front of my eyes

I take you to my brain

I dissolve you into every pulsing vein


You are my guide, teacher, master, and slave

You are my friend, whom I can trust, share, laugh, and cry with.

You are my every adjective.

Your combination made this little life of mine worth living.

Your combination made me know everything.

And if everything I know is only you and the only thing I know to do is,

Take this little heart of mine and keep it in front of you.

And even though I do that,

The very first combination of beat would never be lub-dub

It would definitely sound MOM DAD.


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