I travel at night…


I travel at night,

 Full moon and a clear sky sight,

Millions of stars and violent breeze,

Sweet smell that makes violence seize

Sometimes by walk

Sometimes on wheels

Eyes closed and head out of the window,

 I let loose my hair and listen to every song of the breeze

 I choose to travel at night,

alone and quite


I get to hear no gossips,

no voices tell money and status toss ups,

no people who abandon me in crises,

no one who gets irritated to my craziness,

I am in my own vacuum,

there is no one in my Hume

But listen,

I have the world with me,

all the stars with me,

 Stars, sometimes parallel to me,

sometimes above me, sometimes behind me,

playing hide and seek with the clouds as their walls.

But, the moon is always with me

It always follows me,

whenever I see the moon it never fails to stare at me.

“Why does it love me so much?” , I chuckle and move,

The breeze rhymes with my rhythm,

every blaze of breeze welcomes my awesomeness

I have all the trees around me as my audience,

staring at me with amusement for my craziness,

dancing to my tune of madness,

the waters drums with the reflection of the moon.

 The birds sleep with the hope of a morning song,

taking the melody from the nights.

The high mountains stare at the world in the morning.

But at night it chuckles to the tickles of my feet.

I light the fire to warmth myself and get tuned to its glow,

and then,  the wind stops blowing fast to help me keep warn.

For every smile of mine

The moon, the stars, the trees, the waters, the mountains rejoice

I travel with  nature

to discover  the strength that nurture

 to slay all the crisis,

to be an angle in every morning bliss

I travel at night


 The world is asleep

 And so do all the things that happen in the world

The criticism

The controversies

 The religion

The politics

The hatred

The danger

Everything sleeps in twilight,

nothing exists in the night.

There is only one thing,

 The dream in everyone’s eyes to live a life of unshakable peace.

I travel at night

 because I am fearless,

because noon is chaos,

evenings have bad echoes,

But, nights are always peaceful,

 where I can meditate.

Even the violent storms and rains at night,

are a metaphoric sight.

At nights I don’t really sleep,

but I dream.

And in my dream everything is possible.

I hear nothing called impossible.

I am the Queen.

The world bows to me in reverence.

I flip my hair with a royal look,

and a stance to change the world.

 I move forward with vigour.

And all the stories in my dreams

Spell happily ever after,

I stand at the cliff,

to see the sleeping world dreaming for a better tomorrow

And I move forward to make that dream come true…


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