Before every blink of that shiny eyelash, that glittery eye searches for the best man.

That silky complexion evened with that fairy cream, hides her natural blush because of not getting the right person.

Those perfectly curved glossy lips has no smile, because it was not given a return answer for her love.

That flowery perfume wanders the whole world in the search of the person who can touch her heart.

Her polished nail waits for that ring to be worn, by the right man who can catch her hand for the entire life.

Her pointed heels crumbles every moment knowing the fact that there is no one  to walk with them.

Her  heart of love  feels like skipping a beat, loosing the hope whether anyone can take a place in it.

But my dear let me tell you…dig deep inside you, fall in love with you, be a miracle…because you deserve to be one.

There is a lot of beauty in the heart and emotions of a girl…which the world doesn’t see and can’t see…

But once seen the entire world around you will just be your slave and you will be hers.


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