A Dream Dreamt to Be Real…

One morning I woke up suddenly!!!

My drowsy eyes opened wide to look all around. My little heart lost its limits in joy and broke with pride. My nerves turned as the strings in violin and started to sing in happiness. My happiness started swinging like a twig of grass. The pride on my face reached the peak. Drunk with joy of singing I forgot myself. My mind wanders wailing with the restless wind. I was like a fish out the water not knowing what to do..

I started fishing for information; I decided to hang my boots for the day. At the end of the day I found the reason; it was really a feather in my cap. I remember………….

It was my dream last night………the corruption was abandon all of a sudden by the children of mother India. The politics turned as pure as a water drop on the leaf of lotus after the sun rise. The strength of the tiger and the enthusiasm in butterfly resembled youth. Every Indian was fighting fit. The technology started breeding like rabbits. Every heart started pumping with patriotism………….

I was going round the circles; then I got it ……………..

Last night I dreamt about “INCREDIBLE INDIA”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s nice ofo dreaming about Mother or Mother India.
    Our thoughts turn as our dreams. Really great.


    1. thank you…sharing this though to all the precious beings of the country is my only aim…please join me if u feel it is usefull


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